Top 100+ Free Business Listing Sites India

Are you Search Engine Optimization expert? Are you looking for top free local listing websites in India? Thgen you are on right place. We local web start bring top 100+ Indian Business listing sites with high DA and less spam score.

What is local listing?

Local listing is online websites portal, where we can create profile on these sites free of cost. These sites required business name, website address, phone number, logo, business description and images etc.

There are hundreds of free business listing sites on the web like Google business listing, Yelp, Yellow pages, Bing places and HotFrog are top and high DA business listing sites.

Do you have business in India?

Do you want to market your business website in India? Then you have to start with top 100+ free local business listing sites to get higher ranking and enhance your business website visibility.

As a SEO expert, you know very well the importance of local business listing submission in SEO. Specially for for local business, you will get higher quality back link and boost your local website ranking.

There is lots of business listing available on internet in India. If you want to get results, then you have select only top free and high DA business directories. Don’t try to put your website in low quality websites. Check spam score, domain authority and page authority before submission.

There are two types of business listing sites you will get on web.

Free Business Listing Sites

These local citation sites are free for submission. You have no need to pay if you are submit your Indian local business in these sites.

You are getting free backlinks and traffic with these sites.

Paid Business Directories

In second type of business listing sites, you have to pay some amount, may be monthly or yearly. These websites also give us great traffic and quality backlinks if we are going with them. But if we have free source why we will go through paid source.

Before submit your business website in Free local business listing sites, you should have some detail:-

  • You should have business name.
  • Business website which you are going to promote.
  • Website logo and Images.
  • Business Physical address
  • Well written with 200-250 words description about your business.
  • Zip Code/Pin Code
  • State where your business established.
  • City name
  • Valid phone Number/mobile number
  • Working hours

You should have these required detail for local listing submissions. Try to add valid  detail in sites.

Why Business Directory Listings Important for SEO

Business listing sites help us to acquire free web business visibility. Including this we can also get higher target our customers in our local city.

Although, every SEO expert know that there are many advantage of local listing sites for a local business. We have mention some benefits to boost your local business using your website.

#1 Increase Your Business Brand Awareness

Most of peoples find services on local directories in India and other countries also. If you will get listed on top directories, customers will get in touch with your business.

Customers will also check your service, review and images etc. Peoples will come to know about your business, no doubt local citation sites will increase your business brand awareness.

#2 Help to boost SEO efforts

Including brand awareness local business listing sites help to boost SEO efforts. We can list our website url home page in these sites. After indexing our listing we will get outbound backlink.

Local directories backlinks help to rank website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing. So local listing sites provide us free quality backlinks .

#3 Free Advertising  Business Website

Other benefits of local business listing sites, to get find your business by customers with Google search or by searching on top local listing sites. Best part of these sites is, you will get find without registration. User will type required business query in search box and get results in website. Therefore, advertise your valuable business for free.

#4 Increase trust rate with Good/Positive reviews

If you have checked carefully after local listing submissions, you will see review section in most of websites. These reviews are also important for business trust.

Especially, Indian buy services and products according to reviews. If customers will satisfied with services, they will definitely leave good review about business. These positive reviews always increase the trust rate of businesses.

Keep in mind one thing, don’t try to get fake reviews against the Google policies. If Google will came to know that you are getting reviews with some tricky methods, you can definitely hurt your website trust insight of Google.

#5 Boost your local visibility

If you have submitted your business website in local business listing sites, peoples can find your office location easily. Including that, they can also get your business phone number, map location, business timing etc. You can convert your customers into leads.

Important things you need to keep in mind before submit your business in local business directories.

Business Name:-  When you will start submit local listing, you will required business name or company name. Try to fill your business name not keyword.

Choose Relevant Category:- Category is most important part of local listing. Don’t select irrelevant category. Niche category can help to find your business easily. If there is not relevant category to your business leave, find another website with relevant category.

Business description:- Business description help to describe about your business. So make it relevant to your business. There will be bonus if you will create different description for every submission. It will take your time and affords but it will help to index submission.

Business Logo:- If you are going ahead with your logo, you will create attractive listing.

Images:- If you have business website, then you will definitely have business images. So put these images into your listing.

Website URL or Contextual Backlink:-  Every business listing website have website segment, where you can put your website. We can also create contextual backlink if website have editor.

There are two type of follow backlinks in SEO Do-Follow and No-Follow. According to google there are important to create both type of backlinks. Therefore, you have not create only Do follow backlinks. You should have ration with Do follow 70% and 30% no follow for your website. That will definitely help to boost your website ranking.

Some important step to submit local listing:

  • First of all you need to select Business listing sites list in India, with niche categories and high DA.
  • Before submit your business, you need have to register, after registration local directory sites admin will send you confirmation link.
  • You need to confirm that link following by email.
  • Then you sing in website dashboard, now you have to find “Submit your website”, “Advertise with us” or “Submit your business”.
  • Now you have to fill valid business detail like, business name, description, Address, phone number, logo etc. Try to fill complete detail , to make that more attractive and genuine submissions.
  • After that you have to click on submit button. Now you will get live url for your listing. But some websites approve instantly and some take time to get approval.

In this post, you will get business listing sites list for Indian business.


Top 100+ Free Local Business Listing Sites India with High Domain Authority 

Sr.No Free Local Listing Sites List India Domain Authority Pricing Type
1  85 Free
2  82 Free
3  77 Free
4  88 Free
5  37 Free
6  29 Free
7  24 Free
8  29 Free
9  26 Free
10  28 Free
11  23 Free
12  22 Free
13  28 Free
14  28 Free
15  30 Free
16  46 Free
17  36 Free
18  24 Free
19  40 Free
20  32 Free
21  76 Free
22  75 Free
23  75 Free
24  73 Free
25  71 Free
26  71 Free
27  70 Free
28  69 Free
29  69 Free
30  69 Free
31  68 Free
32 68 Free
33  68 Free
34  68 Free
35  67 Free
36  67 Free
37  66 Free
38  66 Free
39  65 Free
40  64 Free
41  64 Free
42  64 Free
43  63 Free
44  62 Free
45  62 Free
46  62 Free
47  62 Free
48  61 Free
49  61 Free
50  60 Free
51  60 Free
52  59 Free
53  58 Free
54  58 Free
55  57 Free
56  56 Free
57  56 Free
58  56 Free
59  56 Free
60  54 Free
61  54 Free
62  54 Free
63  53 Free
64  52 Free
65  50 Free
66  50 Free
67  50 Free
68  50 Free
69  50 Free
70 50 Free
71  49 Free
72  49 Free
73  48 Free
74  48 Free
75  48 Free
76  48 Free
77  47 Free
78  47 Free
79  47 Free
80  47 Free
81  47 Free
82  47 Free
83  46 Free
84  46 Free
85  45 Free
86  45 Free
87  44 Free
88  44 Free
89  43 Free
90  43 Free
91  43 Free
92  43 Free
93  43 Free
94  42 Free
95  42 Free
96 42 Free
97  42 Free
98  42 Free
99  41 Free
100  41 Free
101  41 Free
102  41 Free
103  41 Free
104  41 Free
105  40 Free
106  40 Free
107  40 Free
108  37 Free


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