Have you ever got local website ranking improvement with Local Listing submission? If yes then I think you are right. Local listing always helps to improve local search results. Suppose you want to promote your business in New York, then you need to find Local Listing sites in New York and submit your business detail inside the Business directory sites. Once you will submit your business website, you will start getting results as your links index.

In SEO, Local business listing is a online portal where you can post your website blog or any type of local business. Including website you can also add your products, services and complete your business detail. You will check there all type of categories, choose your relevant category and submit your business to your niche services.

There are two type of local business listing sites, one of them is free local directories. Where you can submit your local business without any cost, and another is paid directories. They fix some cost for, because website owner have lots of traffic and good SEO score. That is why they fix some cost for submission.

You have no need to submit in paid business directories, there are hundreds of free local business listing sites, where you can submit your website.

I will share my thoughts here, suppose you have business in New York. Then you have to find some best Local listing sites, which are related to New York city. But keep in mind one thing, try to find website with high DA and spam score should be less than 3%.

If you have collected these sites, now submit your New York based business in these websites. Don’t create thin submission. Always try to submit all your detail like Website logo, Images, Unique description, zip code and website.

Which New York based websites you have collected, if these sites contain New York in domain that will be great for your website? These types of website are more valuable and relevant website as compare to other websites.

Once you will submit these, you will definitely see great improvement in your local business website.

Here is important thing to remember: if you are promoting your business in New York then you have to submit your business in NY Free Business listing sites. That will give more value to your website.

I am providing here top 15 Local Business Listing/Directory/ Citations sites to help you to promote your business in New York.

1            https://www.businessdirectorynewyork.com/

2            http://new-york.bizhwy.com/

3            http://nybizlist.com/

4            https://newyorktwice.com/

5            https://www.chamber.nyc/directory.php

6            http://www.newyorkcitydirect.info/

7            http://newyorkstatesearch.com/

8            https://businessfinder.syracuse.com/NY-Syracuse

9            https://www.corningny.com/

10          http://www.cnylinks.com/

11          http://business.watertownny.com/list

12          http://ny-business-directory.com/

13          http://newyork.prepky.com/

14          https://usa.businessdirectory.cc/new-york-city/

15          http://nybizlist.com/nyc-small-business-directory.htm

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